In honor of Shark Week, I have decided to write a brief history of everyone’s favorite summertime thriller: Jaws. When Jaws first hit the big screen in 1975 it became an instant classic, enthralling viewers with it’s score (which composer John Williams claims jump-started his career) and technological advances. The film, set at a New England beach resort, captures the quintessential essence of a small community ensnared directly in the middle of a horrific situation, unlike any other problem they had ever encountered before. The fear in the townsfolk translates directly to the viewer who, after watching the film, fears to ever set foot in the ocean again. In all, Spielberg excellently portrays the topic at hand, and expertly manages to hook whoever dares to view the film from the very first scene. Jaws, over the years, has become more than a summertime staple; it has become a classic throughout every genre, stacking up against even the most chilling of thrillers.

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